with wild animals, plants, and other creatures
Existential Dialogues

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious domain in which animals, plants and other wild creature were speaking.

The mystery, however, was less in the domain itself nor its inhabitants gifted with speech. It resided in the fact that at certain times of the day, but never on a regular schedule, it was possible to hear them clearly.

It began inexplicably on a fine September day and ended when half of the characters almost simultaneously left the domain. All the exchanges then became once again incomprehensible and returned to their state of natural noises.

The following dialogues and the pages Aphorisms and Why? are thus the transcription of a few months of eavesdropping. They offer a rare glimpse of what animals, plants and other wild creatures sometimes say…

They also offer the possibility of reflecting on our existence and our beliefs with a new approach.


NB1: to know more about the domain, its inhabitants and the different ways to read these dialogues, scroll toward the end of this page.

NB2: the 3 dialogues below are the last published, but you can start reading them in chronological order by starting here.

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