The 50 best aphorisms of Friedrich the owl

the 80 best aphorisms of Friedrich the owl


Friedrich never participated in any dialogue with other creatures because she doesn’t like the multitude.

On the other hand, in the depths of the night, she speaks to her companion. He sometimes answers her with another aphorism.

As a rule, owls prefer condensed thinking to developed thinking; for them, silence is often better except when they have to communicate something of vital importance..

That’s why they’re considered wise.

These aphorisms came to Friedrich when listening to humans talking in the domain. They are a quick introduction to philosophy for all.

Aphorism 1:  To protest is already to admit helplessness.

Aphorism 2: Racists lower the bar to the level of their intellect.

Aphorism 3: To wait for a government to solve problems is to be angry. To tackle them is to be free.

Aphorism 4: A good education does not necessarily make a good person.

Aphorism 5: To know what to know is the only useful knowledge.

Aphorism 6: When everyone has an opinion, no one knows.

Aphorism 7: Criticism of others is not a proof of virtue.

Aphorism 8: It’s more difficult to create order than disorder.

Aphorism 9: Hypocrisy and good conscience often go hand in hand, especially during a crisis.

Aphorism 10: There are a thousand ways to make a woman angry. Most are unpredictable. There are few ways to make a man angry but they are well documented.

Aphorism 11: A woman is never wrong. It’s her main flaw. A man has no flaw. It’s his only wrong.

Aphorism 12: If you want to be happy, know when to change your mind.

Aphorism 13: To be well thinking it is not necessarily to be a good thinker.

Aphorism 14: The doing reflects the being.

Aphorism 15: There is more happiness in being selfish than envious.

Aphorism 16: Who talks a lot does not necessarily have much to say.

Aphorism 17: At each height its point of view.

Transitional Aphorism: Patience is the virtue of the wise. You’ll need some to be able to progressively read here the aphorisms still missing!

Aphorism 50: In cases where there is nothing more to say, it’s always possible to start again. It’s a choice that speaks for itself.

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Want to suggest your own? Leave it below!

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